Daikin LV-Series Slim Duct

LV-Series Slim Duct
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BTU: 9,000 - 12,000

Product Features:

Daikin LV-Series Slim Duct

Daikin’s LV-Series systems offer high energy saving features and comfort control with wall mount indoor units sophisticated in appearance or slim duct built-in units compact and concealed in design.

LV-Series Slim Duct

Daikin’s LV-Series Slim Duct Systems offer a built-in solution with the benefits of duct free technology. Installed similar to a traditional ducted system, indoor units are concealed and slim in height (less than 8”) and are ideal for small areas or where attic and/or bulkhead space is limited.

LV-Series Slim Duct Heat Pump
BTU 9,000-12,000

0.75 Ton to 1.0 Ton
Up to SEER 15.5 / HSPF 10.4

Key features include:

  • Increased energy savings with Econo Mode function reducing operating current and power consumption by approximately 30% during startup
  • Desired temperature quickly achieved with rapid cooling or heating via powerful operation
  • Undisturbed comfort with indoor operating sound levels as low as 31 dB(A)
  • Peace of mind operation with Night Set Mode ensuring a good night’s sleep without a sudden change in room temperature
  • Enhanced indoor air quality realized with the mold proof air filter

Ideal solution for spaces with:

  • Poor temperature control
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Uncomfortable sound levels
  • Limited bulkhead space