Sunpak Patio Heater

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BTU: 25,000-34,000/HR

Product Features:

Sunpak Models S25 & S34
• Slim Profile (8″H x 8″W x 47 1/2″l)
• Decorative Safety Grill
• Reduced Clearance requirements Angle
• Mounting – Zero to 30 degrees
• Ideal for Wind Protected Areas
• Rain Protected 25,000 or 34,000 BTU/HR
• Input Natural or Propane
• Gas Direct Spark Ignition
•100% Safety Shutoff

The Sunpak Models S25 & S34 are outdoor rated heaters available for use with natural or propane gas. Sunpak heaters can be either wall or ceiling mounted. The optional mounting kit for the Sunpak allows the heater to be mounted from above, keeping the patio deck free and clear. Heat coverage for the Sunpak varies depending on the wind exposure on patio. The average spacing between the heaters is 10 feet apart.
Sunpaks come with a 24 VAC spark ignition system which includes flame monitoring through flame rectification. All Sunpak Heaters require an external 24 VAC source.

As an unvented gas heater, Sunpak heaters need a continuous supply of fresh air and proper ventilation of combustion gases to operate safely. This heater is not suitable for inside residences and other confined areas where the operational and safety requirements of this heater cannot be met. Refer to Sunpak heater instructions, available online or from manufacturer for complete information.

The Sunpak heater design offers a slim profile which works well in a wide variety of patio settings. Sunpak heaters are available in either black powder coat or a 304 stainless steel finish.

Sunpak heaters utilize a fully automatic OFF/ON control system. This heater requires a 24 VAC source and switch or timer or other control device, which is to be supplied by the installer. Radiant heat comes out through the aluminum grill below and hot exhaust gases exit from the top of the unit. This heater was not designed to be used in either a sofit or recessed ceiling.

S25 offers a lower radiant heat output which allows this heater to be located in patios with limited ceiling height.
S34 offers a greater radiant heat output which allows this heater to be located higher. Also note the above and side clearances require increases with the higher BTU/Hr unit.

The required clearances to from combustible materials must be maintained on all heaters. In addition heaters must have adequate fresh air and ventilation to operate properly. Make sure you can meet these requirements in making your heater selection.

The primary use of the information above should be used for heater selection only. It should not be used as the sole guide in placement and installation of these heaters.