NAVIEN Gas Combi Boiler

Price: Call 604-261-2525

BTU: 17,000 - 199,900

Household Capacity: 3.4 - 4.5 GPM at 77°F(25°C) Temp Rise

Product Features:

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NAVIEN Gas Combi Boiler CH-180ASME

NAVIEN Gas Combi Boiler CH-210ASME

NAVIEN Gas Combi Boiler CH-240ASME


  • Super condensing efficiency
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Low NOx emissions (≤20ppm)
  • SCH 40, 3” PVC venting up to 100’
  • Gas-Air Ratio Control
  • Automatic water filling system
  • Remote controller included
Ultra Condensing Efficiency
  • Superb Condensing Efficiency & PVC Venting
  • Equipped with dual stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • Offers a low cost PVC venting solution for fast, simplified installation.
  • PVC venting up to 100 feet with a maximum of six elbows (each elbow deduct 5′ off of venting length).
Two Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Where Technology Meets Ecology, Combination Boiler
  • The ideal solution for customers who need both domestic hot water and a space heating application.
  • Heats water when needed, making it environmentally sound as well as cost efficient.
Low NOx Emissions (≤ 20ppm)
  • Hydronic Heating Benefits
  • Clean: little chance to cause dust or lower humidity because there is no air movement.
  • Silent: offers silent heating because no blowers are needed for forced circulation.
  • Comfort: keeps floors warm but indoor air fresh, making people feel warm and comfortable.
  • Coverage: radiant heat makes heating from floor to ceiling possible.
  • Economical: radiant heat in the floors can transmit warmth throughout the house hours after turning off the heater.
Two Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Extended Life, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Integrated primary and secondary heat exchangers prevent corrosion.
  • Ensures a longer life expectancy over copper heat exchangers.
  • Stainless steel components maintain consistency, even during long period of use.
Better Adaptability to Gas System
  • Eco-friendly, Premixed Burner
  • Modulates both air and gas ratios required for optimal combustion.
  • The ingenious built-in CO monitoring system will shut the Combi unit down in the event of excessive CO gases build up that can cause a hazardous condition.
Field Convertible
  • Leak Detector
  • Prevents damages to water heaters as well as personal property.
Ultra Condensing Efficiency
  • Automatic Water Filling System
  • Automatically fills water into space heating pipes when the unit senses a water shortage.
Ultra Condensing Efficiency
  • Powerful Anti-Freeze Feature
  • The Combi’s built-in Control System is designed to keep the unit’s plumbing frost free in winter conditions.
  • Intelligent Remote Control System (Included in every unit)
  • Aesthetic Appearance Suitable for Any Household’ s Interior Design
  • High-Precision Water Temperature Control in 1˚F Increments
  • 24 Hour Time Scheduling for Space Heating
  • Easy-to-Use Button Type Control
  • Easy to read LCD display