Pool Heaters

A natural gas pool heater keeps your pool comfortable and extends your year-long enjoyment; and a good one can still help save on your heating costs.

•  You can save money with an efficient pool heater that intelligently operates only when needed.
•  Self-diagnostic heaters help you pinpoint minor problems and provide a detailed data logging record to aid maintenance and servicing.
•  Maximize comfort and safety with a heater that regulates water temperatures within a minimum and maximum range.
•  Natural gas pool heaters enjoy a significant efficiency benefit over electric heaters.

Plan the right pool heater according to your pool’s characteristics:
•  The pool’s water volume and surface area
•  The preferred water temperature
•  The air temperature range and exposure to wind

 Keep Your Pool Efficient
Tips to help conserve pool heat:
•  Use a cover when not in use —as water evaporates it pulls heat out of the water
•  Wind can increase evaporation and your energy consumption by up to 300%. Utilize fences, landscaping, and buildings to help create windbreaks.
•  The sun is a great free source of additional heat. Water can absorb 75% to 85% of the sun’s energy in direct light conditions, so trim back overhanging trees and other shade sources.

Conventional pool heaters are like your residential boiler with the exception that it is designed to operate outdoors. There has been an increase in interest in Pool Heat Pumps. These units absorb the heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the water.

Make sure you have your pool heater serviced every year. Kirkland Metal Shop will ensure that the heater is clean and operating safely for the next year.